Thursday, March 29, 2007


Some people have strong views about restoration of old items. I guess I do about really valuable items, particularly if you wish to retain or enhance its value. As far as I am concerned I make the rules based on an assessment of the advice available and my own common sense. My first priority was to have a good look at the bell. As far as I can see it is in quite good condition. A bit of rust around the frame but the bell itself looks fine. It looks as though the bell was at some time coated with a black paint. I thought it was just grime but it simply does not come off. So my approach will be to remove all dirt, rust and old paint and then re coat the lot. So after a quick clean with a power washer I had to see if I could shift all those old nuts and bolts. With just a little help from WD40 and a couple of spanners, off they all came. But After a few careful attempts I could not remove the bell from its steel bar headstock. So now here are the parts awaiting my next move which is to remove all rust and old paint. But how?

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