Wednesday, March 21, 2007

A great day

Demolition has started. 'Should have mentioned it yesterday' said Ruth this morning. I was at the site within 10 minutes. No sign of the building where the bell once hung. No sign of the bell. After a few anxious moments I was able to attract the attention of the site manager. He assured me that the bell had been rescued and he had been told of my interest. I was able to inspect the bell. Quite a surprise. I had wondered how the bell was rung. Well I had my answer. The bell frame was connected through the wall of the building to a bell pull inside. A formidable set of fittings - all still intact. Lots of rust and grime and a formidable restoration project made me ponder.
Undeterred, as soon as I got home I telephoned my contact at TAB Projects Ltd., the demolition contractor, and made an offer for the bell.
Late afternoon my contact Alison told me the bell was mine! The agreed payment would be donated by TAB to charity. A really nice gesture. I will collect the bell soon and then the challenge of restoration and display can begin. I will be posting photos as soon as I can. I took some today but they didn't come out. A chap cannot get everything right!
A great day.

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